WSU changes gen ed requirements

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Big changes for Wichita State students working toward a degree. 
The university voted in favor of lowering the number of general education credit hours required. 

Kenzie Goering is studying to become a nurse, but she doesn't understand how certain courses will prepare her for her patients.

"It just doesn't make sense to take a history class. Personally I'm majoring in nursing so I feel like history doesn't really apply to anything I'll be doing in the future so just to pay thousands of dollars for something that really doesn't correlate to what I'll be doing in the future," says Goering.

With students like Kenzie in mind, Wichita State is changing the general education program required hours from 42 to 36.

"It is more flexible, allows them to take slightly fewer classes and hopefully strikes a good balance between the course work they need for their major and the course work we want them to have for general education," Jeff Jarman.

It's a change KU and K-State have already adapted to.

"This really just moves us closer to what the other major universities in the state are doing."

An argument on the opposing side is that college is the time for students to discover interests they didn't know they had and this could hinder those opportunities.

"General education is important because if you only take things in your major area of interest, number one you don't know what else is out there, you don't know if something else would light your passions in some ways, but it is also other kinds of skills you may learn that may not be in the discipline you're being trained in," says Deborah Gordon.

"Students come to campus with all kinds of different experiences and we want to make sure the general education program helps them get through college, and doesn't get in the way."

The change will go into affect next year for the incoming students, but current students will have the option to switch plans if they want to.

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