102 year old Wichita veteran shares WWII stories

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December 7th, 1941: it was a day Veteran Irvin Sullivan will never forget.

"We heard on the radio live Roosevelt's day of infamy speech. Then  I was commissioned in January of '42 as a naval aviator," says Irvin Sullivan.

Sullivan knew this mission would be a high calling on his life.

"The draft board sent me a letter that said greetings: on the 21st of February you will report. So I hurried up and the doctor got me ready and I was sworn into the navy."

He piloted one of the search planes that located the Japanese fleet before the Battle of Midway and led the way for his squadron.

"It was new years eve. At midnight he pulled the bombs and we were the first one to bomb the Japanese in '42."

When the war ended, his life's greatest reward...was back home, waiting for him.

"I came home and married my gal from newton Kansas"

"71 years..never had a cuss word or a shove or a push or anything I can honestly say that. She was perfect."

Sullivan is doing remarkably well for being 102 years old...

"I don't have any diseases, I'm lazy now after a meal I like to rest. My knees are giving out on me but I have no pain. I'm very fortunate."

And he credits it...to the simple things in life.

"Birthdays! I don't know I've lived a clean life and had a good wife. Go to church and Sunday school, been a good life."

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