Wichita woman's dying wish, house remodel gone wrong

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Mike Furches is devastated, after his wife's dying wish fell short. "My wife will never see the benefits of this house being done the way it's supposed to be. She won't live long enough." 

Mary Jane Furches has stage four pancreatic cancer. Doctors hope she'll make it through Christmas.

Mike and his wife housed hundreds of homeless and mentally unstable people over the years. Their home was run down and needed some updates. "We've done so much for everyone else and I thought I wanted to give her something nice before she dies."

Furches hired a well-reviewed construction company to help remodel their living room, kitchen and bathroom. The couple lived with friends and in a hotel for a month. When they moved back in, work was supposed to be finished, but Furches says it barely started. "What bothers me is if he's done this to us, and a woman dying with cancer, what will he do to other people?" 

The construction company acknowledges this wasn't their best work. Recently, they even hired an outside contractor to come in and finish the job. 

"So we hired him, that would give Mike a piece of mind in knowing his contractor friend of many years was over there fixing things that needed to be fixed," said Alex Campos, contractor. 

Campos isn't taking all of the blame. He claims Furches kicked them off his property. "We were more than willing to go over there, I mean we guarantee our work for two years if anything is wrong we'll go over there and fix it."

The Furches' are blown away by all of the help they've seen from the community in the last couple of weeks. The company tells KAKE News they'll be speaking with an attorney about this issue in the near future. 

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