Thrive ICT closes

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Janet Federico is a domestic violence survivor, but she doesn't let it hold her back. Federico needed a safe place when she moved to Wichita. She needed to share her story as a long-time survivor, someone who's no longer in the crisis stage. So, she made that happen.

"My husband kind of looked at me one day when i was having somewhat of a meltdown and said to me, "you're very smart. I'm sure you could make it happen if it's not here."" 

The Washington D.C. native turned her hurt into passion and in 2016 "Thrive ICT" was born. It was a non-profit meant to cater to long-term trauma survivors.

"The mission of Thrive however was never crisis services. Our mission was long term support and education. We wanted to kind of change the national conversation about domestic violence and all forms or trauma."

On November 1st, Thrive closed. Federico says the center just wasn't equipped for victims in crisis. But, now she fears for those like her. 

"Wichita remains very deficient in long-term survivorship. So it is something that's going to be a challenge here in Wichita without thrive."

The long-term survivor isn't letting the closure of thrive stop her from reaching other people. She started a podcast, called the "Aftermath."

"We're in many, many countries and trying to change that conversation and deal with the stigmas and help people understand what the aftermath of trauma really looks like."

Federico says helping other survivors helps her. "Everyday I meet someone who is traumatized in some way, shape or form and needs that connection and needs to know they're not alone." 

If you're interested in the podcast, it's available on all major podcast platforms across the world. If you would like more information for victims in crisis, Wichita has dozens of options. Call 316-660-7500 for any questions, any time. 

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