Anonymous student donates to Kapaun Mt. Carmel food drive

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An anonymous student donated over 600 canned food items Tuesday to Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School for their food drive.

It all started with an Instagram post that the student runs called "MemesKMC." The account posted that it would donate one canned food item for every like that the post got.

"People thought that it was fake," Maggie Gann said, a student at the school.

According to Gann, no student in the school thought they would actually do it. After that, the student running the account took it a step further.

"They doubled it," Gann said. "So, I think the picture got about 312 likes and they donated about a little over 600 cans and it was really cool, I was very impressed."

It was all caught on camera as well. In the schools security footage you can see two students running canned food items to the front door of the school. KAKE News blurred their faces because officials with the school said the students want to remain anonymous. The total amount of cans delivered was 636. Adding a boost to their total number of cans collected, as well as a boost to the confidence in their classmates.

"It's really impressive and it just makes me proud to go here and to know that one of my classmates is that generous and that creative especially with how they are raising cans and raising awareness," Gann said. "My first thought was, wow, they actually did it and then it was, that's us. I was just very impressed and very happy."

Officials at the school say their totals are at about 10,000 cans with their goal being 30,000. The food drive lasts about two more weeks, and all the proceeds go to "Our Daily Bread Food Pantry".

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