Haysville woman collects thousands of pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House

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A Haysville woman has turned a small hobby into a big donation for the Ronald McDonald House.

Tiffany Adams pours pop tops from a small zip-lock bag into a big tub.

It's the sound of money: money that will keep the lights on, the fridge stocked and the sheets clean at Wichita's Ronald McDonald House.

"We take all of the pop tabs and we take them to our recycler, and that turns them into money," explains Susan Smythe, CEO of the Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House has been collecting pop tabs for decades.

Tiffany Adams started her collection about six months ago.

"I needed something to keep me busy," Adams says.

The Haysville native doesn't have any direct connection to the Ronald McDonald House.

The organization provides housing, food and resources to families with sick children, and that was enough for Adams to get involved.

"I like being able to help others," Adams says simply. "I just really delved deep into this. And it's been a little crazy."

Crazy? Maybe.
Effective? Definitely.

Adams has taken her collection into work and her church.

She's gotten her friends involved.

She's even spent weekends at events, like the Dam Music Festival and Luke Bryan concert, because where there's beer, there's a pop tab.

"It's been a habit. You see a tab on the ground, you see a can, you see somebody with a can, you say, 'Can I have your tab?'"

Adams shared her project on social media, offering to stop by friends' houses and pick up their piles, however big or small.

On Thursday, she brought her collection to the Ronald McDonald House. Her pop tabs weighed-in at 48 pounds, 13.39 ounces, no small feat.

The Ronald McDonald House will take those tabs and turn them into money, to keep helping Kansas families when they need it most.

"It's one person at a the time who makes a difference in a family's life," said Susan Smythe, happy to head to the recycler. "It's you and me just thinking about somebody else."

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