Athlete of the Week: Halstead's Scott Grider

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Scott Grider and the Halstead Dragons met Collegiate on Friday in the first round of the playoffs.  All was well until the senior running back was injured during a punt return late in the 2nd quarter.

“He came up a little gimpy and I didn’t think too much of it,” said Scott’s father and head coach, Jason Grider. “He’s been tackled awkwardly probably a thousand times in his career. I had the trainer check him out at halftime didn’t think much of it.”

The eventual diagnosis? A broken foot.

“It just hurt worse than most of my injuries,” Grider told KAKE. “ I just thought if I can’t really put any weight on it I should probably go check it out.  It was probably about a 7 during the game and about a 9 when I woke up (the next day).”

Despite the injury, Grider didn’t miss a play in the second half and even had a 45 yard touchdown run.

“I wasn’t going to sit out anyway in any game really unless coach pulled me,” Grider said. “I was going to play for my guys and everything. I just told myself that I can’t really juke as much as I’d like to. I thought I would probably have to run more like Crouse and run straight ahead. Try to get three yards a pop every time.”

The Spartans would pull off the upset over Halstead winning 35-14, ending the Dragons season and Scott’s high school football career.

“I’d like to have given it 4 quarters of all I had and maybe given our team a better chance but it is what it is I guess,” Grider said.  “It does make it tough knowing that that’s the last game that he’ll get to put on the Halstead blue on and last time he’ll get to play for me. It made it really tough,” Coach Grider stated.

Grider is keeping his spirits high as he begins the recovery process. He’s using his disappointment to prepare him for future endeavors

“Just be tough through life and I know that I got family and friends and brothers that can back me up if I ever get into a bind.”