Boss pays off employee's mortgage so he can retire early

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Renown Auto Restoration (Facebook) Renown Auto Restoration (Facebook)

A 69-year-old Vietnam veteran will retire early this year after his boss paid off the last bit of his mortgage.

WRIC reports 69-year-old Albert Brigas has been a mechanic at Renown Auto Restoration in San Antonio for 13 years and planned to retire next year after paying off about $5,000 he had left on is mortgage He’s lived in the house for about 24 years.

His boss, Rudy Quinones, said Brigas is a dependable employee who came into work every day and has known of his plan to retire. 

Quinones called Brigas into his office last month because he wanted to talk about retirement and wrote a check to cover the remainder of his mortgage. Now Brigas has more time to spend with his family.

Another employee told KENS about the good deed. 

He said, "Not enough good news is out there and this is one of those things that I thought needed to be shared, so people know hey there are people out there that do good things for other people."