State representative at center of Whipple attack ad directs blame on Sedgwick County Republican Party head

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As the mudslinging over the mayoral race continues, Michael Capps is now accusing the head of the Sedgwick County Republican Party of being the one to approve the attack ad aimed at challenger Brandon Whipple.

On Friday of last week, the Sedgwick County Republican Party called for State Representative Michael Capps to resign, after the Wichita Eagle had connected him to the attack ad on mayoral candidate Brandon Whipple. 

The ad first surfaced on YouTube in mid-October. In it, anonymous women allege harassment by Whipple, a Democrat in the Kansas House, who denied the allegations. The quotes used in the video actually came from a 2017 Kansas City Star article, accusing a Republican in the Kansas Senate.

The video traced back to a New Mexico LLC, called, "Protect Wichita's Girls," which is named in a lawsuit Brandon Whipple filed last week.

When the Sedgwick County Republican Party called on Capps to resign Friday, Capps did not respond to KAKE's request for an interview. However, on Sunday evening, he did speak with John Whitmer on our radio partners at KNSS and told him that the man calling for his resignation was, in fact, the man who approved the ad.

"I do find it very ironic that the very person who called for my resignation is the one who approved this ad going out in the first place," Capps told Whitmer.  

"So you're saying that Dalton Glasscock knew about the video?" Whitmer asked.

"Yes! Chairman Glasscock not only knew about this ad, Chairman Glasscock approved the ad and he went on to support the ad until it began generating heat and controversy," Capps said.  He told Whitmer that his proof was his presence in the room when it happened.

Glasscock denied the accusations to KAKE News Sunday night.

"I would challenge him to find any proof of that whatsoever.  I think what we heard on John Whitmer's show tonight was the ramblings of a man with a guilty conscience. So I really don't even have to dignify his accusations with a response," Glasscock said.

Glasscock added the party stands by its statement of last Friday calling for Capps resignation.  Later, he sent out this written statement:

"What we heard tonight was the ramblings of a unstable man with a guilty conscious. The SCRP had no involvement and no knowledge of this video and find it reprehensible and disgusting. The lies that Michael Capps said tonight are easily disprovable and we believe his behavior solidifies our call for his resignation. He is persona non grata with the Sedgwick County Republican Party."

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