Trick-or-treater fills empty candy bowl with his own sweets

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Courtesy Leslie & Kevin Hodges Courtesy Leslie & Kevin Hodges

A young boy's act of kindness while trick-or-treating will melt your heart.

Leslie and Kevin Hodges live in Gambrills, Maryland. WLS reports they set a bowl of candy outside their home for trick-or-treaters. But during the evening, the candy bowl went empty.

Doorbell camera video shows a young boy walk up to the bowl. He seems sad that the bowl is empty, but then he realizes an even younger girl is approaching the house to trick-or-treat.

He reaches into his own bag of candy, pulls out a handful puts more candy in the bowl.

"This has got to give hope to everyone that there are still amazing people in this world," Leslie Hodges wrote on Facebook. "What a selfless act from this little guy!"

Leslie's post has gone viral on Facebook with more than 5.5 million views, 224,000 shares and 13,000 comments.