We are here for this toddler dressed as Big Bird for Halloween

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Halloween is today, but a 15-month-old boy in Montana may have already won the holiday on Wednesday.

The toddler, named Eli, strutted down his neighborhood street in an elaborate Big Bird costume handmade by his mom, Jenna Thomas.

Eli wore the costume a few days before Halloween during a trick-or-treating "test drive" in the family's Plentywood, Montana, neighborhood.

The toddler also won first place in a local costume contest, according to his mom.

"This year will be his first time actually trick-or-treating, and I wanted something unique and original for him to wear," Thomas told Storyful. "So we decided on Big Bird, which took a few days for me to make."

PHOTO: 15-month-old Eli Thomas dresses up in a homemade Big Bird costume for Halloween.

Fellow parents were amazed that she got her son to wear his full Big Bird costume, including the head piece. Thomas revealed she had a plan for that, too.

"The only way I could get him to leave the hat on was by telling him that he would go outside, but he had to wear a hat," she said. "We live in Montana and we’ve already had cold weather, so he understands needing a hat to go outside.”