Wichita driving instructor shares tips for driving in winter weather

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As winter weather is set to move in, a Wichita driving instructor is reminding Kansans to drive defensively. 

"We get complacent, sometimes we get in a hurry, we think we know it all, but you have to challenge yourself every day to be a defensive driver," said Mike Johnson, Owner of Wichita Driving Schools. 

He reminds drivers to:

  • Drive slowly- Always adjust your speed based on the current road and weather conditions.  
  • Accelerate, decelerate, and brake slowly- Apply the gas slowly. Sudden accelerating or braking could cause the vehicle to skid. 
  • Increase following distance- put more space between your car and the person in front of you. If the vehicle makes a sudden stop, you'll have a longer distance to stop safely. 
  • Turn on headlights 
  • Do not use cruise control
  • Know your brakes
  • Be weather aware
  • Have emergency kits, snow shovel, blankets in your vehicle 
  • Put other distractions away 

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