How to prepare your car for the winter weather

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'Tis the season to stock up for the wintry weather headed our way, such as ice melt, scrapers, and perhaps even a shovel. 

Last winter, AAA Kansas helped more than 26,000 people. They're hoping that number will go down this year.

"Right now is a great time if you haven't already to get your car in and get it checked out for winter," says Sean Steward.

A lot of the issues AAA sees are related to batteries and tires

"Make sure you have that battery checked, make sure that charge will get you through winter. Make sure you have good tread on your tire and make sure they're properly inflated. For every 10 degrees that the temp drops your tires could lose a pound of pressure," says Steward.

Jeremy Magin checked his tires this morning, he's from Denver and knows the drill.

"My tire pressure indicator light came on so I have a compressor at home just had to double check tire pressures because with colder temperatures your tire pressures do go down. I see a lot of people on the side of the road with flats because of that."

In case you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, it's a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car.

"Have a nice tool kit with some things you may need to make a quick repair, some winter gear with you, some boots, gloves, blanket, warm coats sweaters whatever you need to stay warm for a while if your car is broken down." 

Other items to include would be a flashlight, ice scraper and shovel, food and water, jumper cables, and a tow rope or chain.

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