Final price for Wichita water treatment plant

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Wichita city leaders have now been presented with a final price for the city's new water treatment plant. 

"Just outside my district, right on the other side of the street," says District 5 leader, Bryan Frye. 

Frye says he's happy to see the project moving forward. Monday, Wichita Water Partners, the group of businesses hired to build the new plant announced an official price tag

"The price is about $494 million, that's down $14 million from the last time we presented our cost to the steering committee," says Ron Coker.

Ron Coker, with Wichita Water Partners, says to get to that figure, the team found areas to reduce cost, including re-using existing water lines he believes are in good condition.

"That's the idea behind this design build, to find opportunities to value engineer and continue to lower that price," says Frye.

"What you're always to balance is what do I need to have a great project, a project that's gonna last for multiple generations moving forward, yet do it for as least cost as possible," says Frye.

The city chose Wichita Water Partners after hearing several other proposals.

Coker says even with the savings, his group isn't cutting corners. City leaders agree, saying they're still confident in the plans.

"This is the single largest problem Wichita's ever undertaken, so it's gonna be some risk. It's gonna be some challenges and error," says Frye.

The city still has to review and approve the plan before moving forward. It also has to apply for a $270 million loan from the EPA. The deadline to apply is later this week.

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