Bringing the help to the homeless


The Church on the Street team held one of their outdoor church services Sunday in downtown Wichita for the homeless to come get food, drinks and clothing.

With colder weather settling in the city, the church brings the help to the homeless with food, drinks and clothes every single Sunday.

"It's good to see all my people out here today, love each and every one of y'all," PC Patton said to those in attendance in his microphone, a music minister for the Church on the Street.

However, Patton said they are out having their services even when it isn't cold.

"Winter, spring, summer, fall, no matter what the weather is we're out here," he said.

According to Marvin Miller, a minister with the church, they average about 30 to 40 people who come out every Sunday at their location near St. Francis and First Street.

"Oh, it's about the greatest thing happening out here for the homeless," said Russell Jones, a homeless man in attendance.

Jones said has been homeless since 1999 and goes to get some coffee and attend the church service. The organizers of the event said they want to bring light to the situations like the one Jones is in, as well as homelessness nationally.

"We come to preach to one as if we're preaching to a thousand," Marvin Miller said. "People needing shelter, people needing hope, this is what we bring."

Volunteers help set up equipment out of their trailer so they can sing hymnals and pray together, hoping to spread the concept of unity.

"That's the main thing," said Darin Smalls, a member of the leadership board at the church. "That fellowship you know and not looking at them as less than, they're human, they just have different situations."

Smalls, Patton and Miller said they understand ending homelessness completely is a daunting task..

"But we can put a dent in it if everybody comes together," Marvin Miller said. "Because this is just a small portion and there's several other organizations helping, but we need more."

For now though, they said it's just a matter of taking to the streets and doing what they can to make sure anyone that shows up gets what they may need.

"Regardless of what happens around your life, when you come here, you're safe," Marvin Miller said.

They do take donations on their website. PC Patton said they are in need of cold weather clothing like gloves, hats, jackets, scarves etc.  

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