Preparing your house for Winter

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Thursday was met with one of the coldest days so far in Wichita and with the change, comes preparing for Winter. 

"It is very, very busy" says Dean Nestor, with Reddi Industries.

Nestor will spend all week making sure sprinkler systems are winterized.

"You can see it's above ground, so if it gets down into the 20s next week, this will freeze," says Nestor.

He says if you have a sprinkler system, now is the time to get the water blown out of the backflow and sprinkler lines. If you don't and your system freezes, you could be stuck with costly repairs.

"It looks like there's going to be like 25, 26 weather, so for this, we're absolutely going to make sure we shut it down," says Matt French-Bravo.

French-Bravo has more than just his sprinkler system to worry about. He also has a fountain that could freeze and break if he doesn't get all the water out.

"This runs starting early spring and then all summer long," he says.

Plus, his potted plants won't make it through the winter outside.

"We have a dolly and sometimes it's a team effort to get them up the stairs," says French-Bravo.

Once winter comes, you can pack all your gardening tools away. That includes disconnecting your hose, because if you don't water left inside could freeze and cause your hose to crack, or even worse, your pipes could burst. 

Homeowners might have a few extra items on their to do list this time of year, but French-Bravo says it's worth it.

"If we take a little bit of time to think about what we want next year around, and maybe save some of that expense."

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