Wins for Kansas: Kansas Humane Society

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The Kansas Humane Society is working to save the lives of animals across the state.

"The Kansas Humane Society is really dedicated to the welfare of animals and the people that care for them and love them,” says director of marketing and communications, Ericka Goering.

One of their biggest efforts is making sure there aren't too many animals that need to be saved.

"The Kansas Humane Society is really dedicated to ending pet overpopulation. So, spay and neuter is a really high priority for us,” says Goering.

And when someone can't afford to get their animal spayed or neutered, they offer a helping hand.

Operating since the late 1800’s, their goal is to promote the bond between humans and animals with a variety of programs that help pets get the second chance they deserve.

"You're really helping two animals when you adopt. You're helping the animal that you've taken into your home and then you're also making space and resources available for another animal that needs a temporary and safe place to live until they can find a permanent loving home."

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and our partners, DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to them as this week's, “Wins for Kansas.”

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