Highway speed tolling opening at southern terminal

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The Kansas turnpike's southern terminal has been undergoing some big changes, to make your ride faster and smoother.

It's your pass to the open road. the Kansas turnpike is introducing highway speed tolling at the southern terminal, all part of a 55 million dollar project to improve tolls.

 "We have two new lanes which will now be able to keep you at high speeds and never slow down if you have a K-TAG," says Steve Hewitt.

Not only is it a faster way of traveling, it's cheaper, and causing a spike in k-tag sales.

"We went from a couple years ago from about 45 percent had K-TAGS now 65 percent of our customers have K-TAGS, and so they want more convenient," says Hewitt.

Highway speed tolling is also safer, a feature Kansas Turnpike CEO Steve Hewitt says is the most important of all.

"When you're traveling late at night you move from, say Oklahoma to Kansas and you don't realize there's a toll booth in front of you, we've had accidents at the toll booth. Any accident is bad. It's just important we take away barriers, when traffic is moving it's safer."

The new toll plaza will be ready for drivers right before.

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