Girl with brain tumor gave Patrick Mahomes a bracelet. He wears every game

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Kansas City Chiefs fans focused on quarterback Patrick Mahomes' knee when he left the field at Mile High Stadium last week. A 10-year-old girl, her family and friends were probably the only ones who noticed his wrist. 

Whitney Wells met Mahomes at Chiefs training camp over the summer. WDAF reports she gave the NFL MVP and tight end Travis Kelce special bracelets with her name and her mantra: "You Got This."

Mahomes has worn it in every game this season. 

Whitney was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in the spring. The Chiefs heard about her diagnosis and invited the family to spend a day with them in St. Joseph. 

Since Whitney was diagnosed, she lost the ability to run and play like she used to with other kids., and she no longer writes with her right hand. But Whitney, her family and friends continue to fight.

Whitney's mom told the Kansas City Fox station that meeting Mahomes still means the world to her daughter and the QB wearing her bracelet has made her feel special and hopeful.