Write-in candidate, Lyndy Wells, reacts to Mayoral debate

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Lyndy Wells, write-in candidate for Wichita Mayor, watched on TV as his opponents faced off in a debate on KAKE News. 

"It was a spirited debate for sure. The two candidates were, were prepared and anticipated many of the questions that were repeatedly asked throughout this campaign," says Wells.

The questions ranged from the future of Downtown Wichita, to gun violence, even one question aimed at Wells, himself.

Both Whipple and Longwell say by continuing to run, Wells is not respecting the wishes of Wichita voters. 

"I believe that I got enough feedback and input from members of the community that support me and even those that don't support me that they didn't feel comfortable with either of the two candidates," says Wells.

An issue that's remained at the forefront of the election, the future of Wichita's water treatment plan.

"The water plant, regardless of the unfortunate actions around the negotiations for the bidding for the design of the water plant,. the water plant's 80 years old. It's not like this snuck up on us, we have simply not given priority of the importance of water."

Wells says the treatment plant, along with mental health, substance abuse and law enforcement are at the core of the city's challenges. 

"We're not unlike any other city in the country. We've got social problems, we've got structural problems, but collectively, we've come a long way and I believe we have it within us to be able to take it even further."

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