KBI: Check for registered offenders before Halloween

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Each year, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation advises parents to check for registered offenders in their neighborhoods, and areas their children plan to trick-or-treat, prior to Halloween festivities.

Parents and guardians can search online at kbi.ks.gov/registeredoffender to determine where registered offenders reside. The site allows searches within three miles of an address for registered sex offenders, drug offenders and other violent offenders. You can also perform searches by name, zip code and county, or sign up to receive alerts if an offender registers in your community.

You can also search for registered sex offenders and the locations of various crimes at communitycrimemap.com. For the national sex offender registry, click here.

The Kansas Offender Registration Act (KORA) does not prevent registered offenders from participating in any Halloween activity unless they are on parole or probation and it is specifically restricted. Registered offenders are able to pass out candy, decorate their houses, wear costumes, and attend any festival, party or parade. However, schools, churches, malls and other private properties may have their own stipulations prohibiting offender participation.

Thousands of offenders are registered in Kansas and live and work among our communities. While being aware of the offenders near your home, school or workplace is good practice, being mindful of your surroundings and remaining vigilant is equally as important.

The KBI offers these additional tips:

  • An adult should accompany children at all times, especially if trick-or-treating at unknown residences.
  • Children should not enter residences or structures of individuals unknown to them.
  • Teens and older children should stay in groups, and be instructed to check in frequently with a parent or guardian.
  • If out after dark, carry flashlights or wear reflective clothing.
  • Ensure candy is in its original packaging before allowing children to eat it.

Halloween should be an enjoyable time for families, though safety must also be a priority.