On a dare from dad, boy wears hot dog costume on school picture day

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Facebook/Craig Arsenault Facebook/Craig Arsenault

A fourth-grade boy from Maine who wasn't sure what to wear for school school pictures took his dad up on a bet: wear an old hot dog Halloween costume. 

Jake Arsenault's mom, Kari, suggested the 9-year-old wear the costume, but he wasn't sold on the idea at first. 

"Dude, do it... It’ll be legendary," the boy's dad, Craig Arsenault says he encouraged. USA Today reports he remembers promising his son $10 if he went through with going as a hot dog. 

Jake's parents sent a letter to the school, asking that the boy be allowed to wear it.

Last week, Jake's school ID card came, complete with the hot dog suit photo.

Craig posts a picture of Jake's ID card to Facebook with the caption, "My wife and I dared our son to wear a hotdog costume for school pictures. The school let him do it, and I couldn’t be happier."