Doorbell Camera Captures Sanitation Worker's Kindness to Elderly Missouri Woman

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Credit: Colette Kingston via Storyful Credit: Colette Kingston via Storyful

Billy Shelby, a Missouri sanitation worker in the Kansas City area, had been wheeling an elderly woman’s trash can back up her long driveway for several months after witnessing her fall attempting to do the task in January.

But after footage of Shelby’s now-regular gesture of kindness toward 88-year-old Opal Zucca was posted online on October 15, the driver for Waste Management has become an online hero, Yahoo reports.

Zucca’s daughter, Colette Kingston, shared the video of Shelby guiding her mother back up the driveway of Zucca’s Independence, Missouri, home on Facebook.

After returning Zucca’s trash can to its customary spot beside the house, Shelby gives her a hug and sweetly compliments her hair.

“God bless you, as always, darling,” Shelby says in the video.

In the post, Kingston detailed the story behind it.

“In January, my mom fell while trying to bring the trash can back up her driveway and got hurt. This gentleman from Waste Management was there when it happened,” she wrote. “Ever since, he has brought the can back up the driveway for mom. This was him today helping her; he demonstrates such care for her. It takes a village,” she said, adding that the “small kind gesture” serves as an “enormous relief for us.”

Kingston finished the note with, “Thank you kind sir. Love, the Zucca family.”

Shelby soon had local media requesting interviews, and he told Fox 4 News that he “made a point of making sure” that Zucca’s fall in January would not be repeated.