Slideshow: Six months out, get the latest peek at the baseball stadium

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Sod is scheduled to be put down this week. The baseball stadium being constructed downtown will have green to go along with the colors of dirt and concrete.

Work on the stadium progresses as construction crews are now under six months from the home opener for the Wichita Triple-A baseball team that will play in the Pacific Coast League.

Take a look at photos of stadium construction shot late last week in a gallery attached to this blog.

The team's managing partner, Lou Schwechheimer, took WBJ digital editor Brittany Schowalter on a tour of construction Thursday. With concrete poured for 19 rows of grandstand seating, workers were drilling holes where seats will be installed.

The $75-million stadium will be city owned, but operated by the Triple-A team that has yet to be named. The team says a name and logo will be introduced Nov. 13.

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