Heartwarming moment of Kansas boy, college student beatboxing

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A Kansas boy struggled with his health his entire life. Yet, music is the one of the few things that makes moments a bit brighter.

Amber Schmalzried shared a video of her son, Rayf, laughing with college student Jake Pieplow. In it, Jake is beatboxing a song. Rayf, 9, is nearly blind and places his hand on Jake’s mouth to feel the music. Rayf smiles, laughs and continues to clasp his hand on Jake’s mouth, as he plays to the beat.

Moments like this mean everything to the family, Amber said.

Rayf was born drug- and alcohol-addicted at 24 weeks old. He was malnourished and neglected. He’s had multiple medical issues since then, including Cerebral palsy and seizures. Amber and her husband were foster parents and eventually adopted Rayf and his younger sister.

The family has chronicled his journey, traveling to hospitals in Denver for treatment with the hopes of making their son feel better.

For Jake, he’s glad to have brought a heartwarming moment to Rayf’s family. Jake’s mom, a special education nurse for the country, was spending the afternoon with Rayf. She invite Jake to come along. During a break in classes at Sterling College, Jake said he headed over to the grade school.

“I went in the room and Rayf was pretty tired,” Jake said. “He wasn't really responding much. I sat down next to him and went, ‘Hi, Rayf’. He really loves sound and my voice is deeper than most people he interacts with, so he really perked up.”

Rayf loves to feel the vibrations on his hand, due to his visual impairment.

“We were playing, and I just started beatboxing,” Jake said. “What I didn't know was that it was his favorite thing! Rayf is such an awesome kid, and I'm glad I got to spend time with him.”

Rayf’s family has chronicled his journey on Facebook with Reslient Rayf, where they share more on their struggles and triumphs.

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