Ad claiming sexual harassment against Whipple traces back to New Mexico

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A video uploaded to Youtube shows anonymous women, claiming to be Kansas legislative interns, describing being sexually harassed by state lawmakers, including Mayoral candidate, Brandon Whipple.

The words used in the video are almost exactly the same as a quote from a Kansas City Star article. In the article, an anonymous intern says a Republican Senator made harassing comments, but Whipple is a Democratic Representative. 

"Normally these races don't get this dirty...They are disgusting. They are not true and what this video contains is lies and smears," says Whipple. 

The video was made by a mystery company, "Protect Wichita's Girls LLC," which we traced back to New Mexico, a state where laws allow owners of LLCs to remain anonymous.

"Kansas is tougher to do what their doing. They chose New Mexico to skirt those laws and also because they think we wouldn't be onto it," says Whipple.

Dr. Russell Fox, a Political Science professor at Friends University, says the video's claims certainly don't look good for Whipple's campaign, but the validity of those claims are what will matter in the end.

"As far as we know, Protect Wichita's Girls could be a pack that was set up by Jeff Longwell. It could be a pack that was set up by a group of independent business people that support Lyndy Wells," says Fox.

Whipple's opponent, Mayor Jeff Longwell, says he didn't know the video even existed until we told him.

He claims to have had nothing to do with planning the video.

Lyndy Wells also says he doesn't know where the video came from. 

Brandon Whipple claims he's already hired an attorney in New Mexico and plans to find out who made the video.

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