Goddard school officials host vaping symposium to educate parents

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Goddard principals, Board of Education members, and law enforcement officers spoke with parents about vaping concerns Wednesday night. 

The district displayed e-cigarettes and vaping products for parents to see in an effort to decrease use among teens. 

Stephanie Dyer was present at the meeting. Dyer has two middle schoolers and said she's concerned about the popularity of vaping. 

"My fear is that they're going to feel the pressure to do that because it's cool," said Dyer, "My biggest concern is that they'll try to hide it from me, and so I want to know what it is, and I want to know how to investigate they on my own."

 Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Student Services Jeff Hersh said it's time to bring parents into the conversation. 

"One of the first steps in helping solve an issue is engaging the players, and in this situation we're working to educate our kids, and we're also finding out that parents aren't familiar or don't understand."

Many parents who attended Wednesday night's symposium said they didn't know how big of an issue vaping is. 

 "I can't even believe how big it is, it's frightening, it's frightening," said Robbie Mcguffey, another concerned parent. 

The symposium comes one month after the district approved a lawsuit against companies involved in selling and manufacturing e-cigarettes and vaping products. 

The school wants parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of vaping. 

"Communicate, be around them, spend time with them, talk with them about things going on in their lives," said Dyer. 

Goddard school board members also hope more districts will join in on the legal action against the vaping companies. 

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