How write-in votes will affect general elections

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A new campaign for previous mayoral candidate Lyndy Wells is raising some questions for election night. There's a push by two former mayors for Wells who lost in the primaries to launch a write in campaign. 

Brian Rader voted for wells in the primary elections, "I saw a business man that had been successful in the community. He seemed to be wanting to make a few changes." 

Even though Rader is a Wells supporter, he hopes voters will be careful about their choice, "I was very disappointed. I think all that's going to do is it's going to split the vote."

Wells would have to win by write-in votes only, his name won't be on the ballot. Sedgwick County Election Commissioner, Tabitha Lehman, says the election office is already gearing up for more work, "so because of that we are increasing the number of people we're bringing in with the anticipation of having an increased number of write-in candidates." 

Each write-in will be reviewed by two workers from separate political parties. The votes will be hand-tallied and final results will be announced in mid-November. 

"Write-in votes are not actually counted on election night. We have a bi-partisan board of election officials who come in starting within the day or two after the election and start counting those votes," says Lehman.

While the general election is Tuesday, November 5th, a reminder mail-in votes, must be post-marked by then and received by Friday, November 8th. 

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