Wichita drivers ranked among the worst in the country: study

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You've probably had someone cut you off or seen people drive too slow or too fast. Well, according to a new study, Wichita has some of the worst drivers in the country.

Insurance website QuoteWizard analyzed data from millions of insurance quotes from drivers in the top 75 cities in the U.S. to determine overall driver quality.

They took a composite ranking of overall incidents including accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations like running a red light or texting while driving.

Wichita ranked No. 30 on the list of the 40 cities with the worst drivers. right between Phoenix and New York. The worst drivers, the study says, live in Portland, Oregon.

QuoteWizard named Wichita drivers as the 25th worst last year and 21st worst in 2017.

According to the study, the city with the best drivers in America is Detroit, Michigan.

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