Students react after Northwest high school student dies

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"When I first heard, I didn't think someone had died," says Ethan Smith.

Ethan Smith is a Junior at Northwest high school. One of his classmates died Monday and two others were sent to the hospital. 

"My teacher had started crying and when we found out, I kind of wanted to too...I kind of shook. It scared me because you never know if the next day it's gonna be you," he says.

Monday afternoon, three NW high school students left campus. A 16-year-old was driving, with a 17-year-old boy in the passenger seat and a 16-year-old girl in the backseat. They were driving down Central and west Wichita when their car collided with a gold SUV.

"Juniors and Seniors have open campus, so we can go out anywhere to eat, so they must have gone out to McDonalds or something," says Smith.

The 17-year-old passenger died, and the two other teens had serious, but non-life threatening injuries. An 85-year-old man was driving the SUV.

"The silver Honda was westbound on Central. The two vehicles collided at Central and Socora. The 85-year-old man sustained minor injuries and has been transferred to an area hospital," says WPD Officer, Charley Davidson.

Freshman, Ayden Charlier, doesn't know these classmates personally, but he feels the ripple effects of an accident hitting so close to home.

"My girlfriend said that she just saw them right before they left and now, they're gone just like that," Charlier says.

"I can't imagine how bad the parents are feeling, and I feel really bad for them," says Ethan Smith.

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