Prairie Fire Marathon honors fellow runner's life

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Hundreds of Runners from all over the nation celebrated in downtown Wichita on Sunday morning.  Many people came to honor the life of fellow runner, Thomas Stanley. 33-year-old Stanley from Andover was struck by lightning during a race late last month. 

Krysten Eisenhower from Oklahoma City runs for Stanley and for her brother, fallen soldier, Sergeant Brett Eisenhower. "I just know that when you have the opportunity to go and do something that's greater than yourself and you can run for people who no longer have that opportunity."

Stanley left behind a wife and kids, but runners are making sure his memory lives on. "I think it's really emotional for everyone, but I also think it is something as devastating as it is, that people really come together and we're able to celebrate his life," says Jessica Folk, a Wichita resident.

Race organizers are even offering their support. "So many people came out to support her and we are going to make a contribution in Thomas' name," says Bob Hanson, CEO and Race Director of Prairie Fire Marathon.

The 10th annual Prairie Fire Marathon also paid tribute to others who tragically lost their lives. "At mile two, they had an entire mile of fallen veterans with flags out, it was really great to see that, to remember our vets," says Chris Mullen, a Wichita resident. 

Eisenhower is hopeful she can continue running for her brother's legacy, it's just something that I hold really, really close to my heart and I'm really thankful that only two hours away, there's a community here that keeps their memory alive." 

A GoFundMe has been set up for Stanley's wife and kids. 

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