Annual Trail of Tears Walk Memorial

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After two years of waiting, the Native American community in Wichita is celebrating. Monday will now officially be considered "Indigenous Peoples' Day" in Wichita. Not only is the Native American community thrilled about the addition, but other people in the community are as well.

Newman Washington, the Native American Community Resource Coalition Representative, says the city finally gave the unheard voices some acknowledgment. 

This Saturday, the 19th annual Trail of Tears Walk was held at the perfect time, right after Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell announced this Monday, October 14th, will be recognized as Indigenous Peoples' day. The event lasted all day and was meant to honor those who were forced from their land by the Europeans. 

At the event, there were several booths filled with jewelry and even free flu shots. People outside of the Native American culture came to show their support. 

Washington is grateful the city supported the petition for change, but he says this is only the beginning, "This isn't just for the city of Wichita, it's nationwide.The only thing that we were asking, was that people come to this event and they have one heart, one mind."

Along with Indigenous Peoples' Day on Monday, Columbus Day will also continue to be on the calendar in Wichita. Mayor Longwell told KAKE News this is a one-year addition, but the council is open to a request for it again in the future.