Baby boy born with three legs, two penises and no anus living a normal life after surgery

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MOSCOW, Russia -

A baby boy who was born with three legs, two penises and no anus will have a normal life, thanks to surgery. 

According to the Daily Mail, Doctors in Moscow believe the third leg, that had two heels and was located between his two other legs, came from a twin that did not fully in utero.

The additional leg was spotted during a routine ultrasound.   

The mother did not want an abortion and the child was delivered naturally, say reports.

Urgent surgery was performed on the baby, born in July 2018, to allow him to defecate.

When the baby was a month old, the boy's middle leg was removed at Holy Vladimir Children's Hospital in Moscow by one of Russia's top pediatric surgeons Professor Yury Sokolov, accompanied by Dr Evgenia Kartseva.

The boy is now 14 months' old. He is walking and talking like a normal child. 

In February of 2019, urologists removed the child's additional genitals and second set of urinary organs.

The baby then had surgery to shape the anus in the correct location.

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