Fans, former coach react to Wichita's indoor soccer return

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In it’s heyday, the Wichita Wings was a team many across the country watched closely. The indoor soccer team drew in thousands of fans.

Now, new owners want to recreate the game, and the announcement brought a lot of nostalgia to one of the team’s previous managers.

“We were David and Goliath,” Roy Turner said. “We played against LA, Chicago, New York, all the big cities.”

He said the secret to the team’s success, was it’s love for the community.

“They’re still household names,” he said.

Turner was with the team for 18 years but even after he left the organization, he stayed in Wichita. Even after all that time he still has fond memories.

“I think it’s absolutely incredible. It was like a Cindarella story when we did it,” he said. “Now the logo and seeing people bring it back again, it’s amazing.”

A release from the new ownership simply said the team would begin operations immediately out of Hartman Arena in Park City. More updates would come in a few days but the team has begun hiring staff and signing players. Open tryouts will come next month.

Soccer fans said they’re excited.

“I think soccer would be awesome here, my boys are both very involved and they loved it,” said Kari Brotherton.

“I remember we went to some games, it was an orange logo and we would watch them play,” said Angela Hull. “I think an indoor team… would be great here.”

Turner offered advice.

“I hope these players go out there with pride,” he said. “Wearing that logo and understand the legacy that is the Wichita Wings.”

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