New emergency team responds to Hutchinson standoff

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Dozens of law enforcement officers responded to Hutchinson Wednesday, including Hutchinson's newest emergency response team. 

The Tactical EMS team has only been active for nine days. 

For Sam Mallioux and David Goering, putting on gear in an emergency was just a part of training, but Wednesday their training became real.

"A round fired in a house. We were told there was at least one person in the building, possible hostage situation," says Hutchinson firefighter, Sam Mailloux.

Hutchinson's new Tactical EMS team or "TEMS" is brand new. Just nine days ago, the six firefighters officially signed on for duty.

"They furnish tactical medics for our team...coincidentally, this was their very first call out with our team today," says the Hutchinson Police Chief.

Wednesday morning, when there was a report of an armed man inside a Hutchinson house, the team members packed on their bullet proof vests and helmets.

"We're gonna be the front line support. Any time there is an active assailant or anything like that, when there is somebody with a gun threatening the community, all of our medical and fire units they stay blocks away," says David Goering, a Captain at the Hutchinson Fire Department.

Their main job is providing immediate medical treatment to law enforcement during some of the most dangerous times. 

"Just revert to your training. Keep calm," says Mailloux.

"We have to be ready for the worst," says Goering.

But they hope for the best. On the team's first call, no officers were hurt, but the team was there, in the line of duty, ready if needed.