Indiana church wipes out $7.8 million in medical debt for nearly 6,000 families

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A church in suburban Indianapolis is helping to pay off $7.8 million in medical debt for nearly 6,000 families in Indiana. 

The Northview Church in Carmel announced in June that they were wiping out $2 million in medical debt for 2,500 families. The church partnered with RIP Medical Debt, which buys debt for pennies on the dollar.

"Since then, an additional $20,000 in donations came in from Northview attenders who wanted to continue the movement. Those recent donations have more than doubled the effect on these communities – in some cases, wiping out medical debt for entire cities, the church said on its website.

"The debt is then paid off forever, with no adverse consequences to those who benefit," Northview said in a statement.

Last weekend, the congregation learned Northview is paying off a total of $7.8 million in medical debt for approximately 5,940 families.

“This is a great example of churches meeting people’s needs in practical ways, as a demonstration of God’s love,” said senior pastor Steve Poe.