Wichita making changes at a dangerous Riverside intersection

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"The traffic's crazy. We know that. It's hard to make turns on and off. We have high school students that are going onto thirteenth street," says Riverside resident, Deb Cushing.

Cushing worries that with more and more development on its way, the problem at 13th and Perry will only escalate. 

Council member, Cindy Claycomb showed us the data. Since 2016, there've been eight accidents at the intersection. The number might seem low, but compared to similar areas, city engineers say it's high. 

"Most of these have to do with people turning left. Off of thirteenth onto Perry or off of Perry onto 13th, so left hand turns across traffic. That's what's causing people to have accidents," says Claycomb.

Tuesday night, Claycomb gathered city engineers to bring a solution to the Riverside community. As a trial run, drivers will only be able to turn right off Perry onto 13th street. 

"I think it's a brilliant idea to study where we're at now before any development starts so we can see what kind of impact we have," says Cushing. 

But some residents don't support the new plan.

"There's three streets that provide access to 13th street. They're going to eliminate half the traffic for one of the streets, and they're going to divert a lot of traffic right in front of where we live," says Riverside resident, Chris Gallagher.

 The city says the new changes are not permanent yet. The new signs will be put up for six months while engineers track the changes. If they see positive improvement, the changes could become permanent.

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