Increased traffic near Southeast High School has parents concerned

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Concerned parents say traffic coming through their neighborhood twice a day has them  worried about the safety of their kids, and they want the city to something about it.

Kristi Holliday and Amy Lyon say the traffic snarl at nearby Pawnee and 127th is causing drivers to look for another route.

"There's just way too much traffic and they're using our community to deal with these issues," says Holliday.

"Somebody's going to get hurt. I think three years in bandaids aren't necessarily going to solve the problem," says Lyon.

They say an accident last  month, involving a school bus and a high schooler increased their worries. "I actually heard it, standing out on my deck that same day. So immediately I panicked, rushed down there in my car just to make sure that my son wasn't involved in that accident," said Holliday.

They want the city to put in sidewalks for kids who have to walk to school and add school zone signs to slow traffic. They also want an increase in police presence.

"You are going to have a major pedestrian incident out there that we will all regret if something is not done very soon," said Lyon.

Concilwoman Becky Tuttle says the city is working on a solution. Possibly a roundabout for the intersection.

"Safety is paramount, we want safety for the kids and staff who are trying to get to school everyday. The good thing about a roundabout is if it's not those peak hours, you don't have to stop," said Tuttle.

Tuttle says she's meeting with public works to take a closer look at the roundabout idea. It's passed the first step to approval, but they want to make sure it's the best option. The city could also choose traditional traffic lights.