Woman catches 'priceless' video of a man breaking into her car

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A man appears shocked as he realizes he is being recorded on a dashcam after rifling through a car.

"I am totally happy I bought that camera. It's worth every penny," said the car owner who didn't want to go on-camera because the suspect is still on the loose.

She said she went through the camera footage after a neighbor discovered her car doors were wide open.

"It's horrible. You feel violated. You feel like you can't trust anyone or anything," said Aralyn Martin, a neighbor.

Prowlers had been picking through the parking lot, checking for unlocked doors.

"Nothing was missing, but you could see someone had gone through my car. First thing I did was look at my notifications. I went -- I got a picture of the guy that broke into my car," the car owner said.

Footage appears to show the suspect caught by surprise of the motion-activated camera.

"It starts recording without any light as soon as the motion happens, but after 10 seconds, the light comes on and he was startled by that," the car owner said.

She called police and handed over the footage.

"He goes, 'We don't normally get these kinds of criminals on camera,'" she said.

Now, her anger is giving way to amusement.

"I just kept playing back the video because it was just so funny," she said.

She hopes it's a lesson learned and maybe the key piece of evidence police need to catch the suspect.

"I'm just glad that it's getting the attention that it's getting because I'm all about making sure people don't get away with stuff," she said.

Officers are looking for the suspect, but also wanted to remind the public to lock their car doors.

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