Up and vanished: gravestone mystery Wichita woman hopes is solved

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Janet Spangler visits the White Chapel Memorial Gardens every couple of months to see her parents' graves, but last week, her visit didn't go as planned. 

"My brother came home from Florida...and so excited to show him the stone and come out here, but it's gone...He had never seen the new headstone. It just broke his heart," says Janet Spangler. 

Nothing was left but a brass vase, filled with flowers, and a new piece of sod in place of the gravestone.

"Somebody did a lot of work. The stone weighed 180 pounds and then they put perfect sod down in the ground so you can't even tell there was a headstone in there," she says. 

Spangler contacted the cemetery, the police and even the company that engraved the stone, but no one could give her answers.

"We don't understand at all...it's a mystery," she says. 

We asked White Chapel if any security video could shed light on what happened, but staff says the cemetery doesn't have a single security camera. It's also not responsible for anything stolen from graves. 

"There's nothing to protect them. I think they should have security cameras," says Spangler. 

With no where else to turn, Spangler hopes whoever took the stone returns it. She also wants to keep this from happening to anyone else.

"I just want to warn other people to come out and check their headstones," she says. 

Wichita State University is across the street from the cemetery and Spangler hopes its security cameras might help solve the mystery.

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