'We love it!': School bans cellphones, reports increase in engagement and studying

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One Alaska school is banning the one thing teens can’t seem to live without… their cellphones.

Lumen Christi High School launched its 100% cell phone free police six weeks ago after teachers noticed kids were always distracted and seemed unaware of what was going on.

Under the new policy, students must leave their cell phones in their homeroom class at the beginning of each day, where it stays until they go home in the afternoon.

Students say they were bummed at first, but have adjusted.

“Over time I’ve just learned to adapt to it,” student Caleb Furneri said. “It’s kind of nice since we’re not on our cellphone, we can interact more, especially in between passing periods.”

Teachers say they wish they had done it sooner. They say students are not only more engaged with one another, but also seem to be able to focus on school work more and study harder.

Lumen Christi High School only has about 70 students, so administrators say the policy is easy to implement.