A look inside Wichita's water treatment plant

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The future of a new water plant for Wichita, and who will build it, has dominated local news this week.  

And the question, can the current water treatment plant meet our short term needs?

Today KAKE news got a look inside the plant.

It's 80 years old and on its last leg.

There are plans in the works for a new plant.

But in the meantime, for the next couple of years, the challenge is to maintain quality drinking water flowing from Wichita's aging water treatment plant.

"The issue that we face right now is just continuing to do what we do and I wouldn't call that an issue, I would call it executing a plan.  When you're managing a plant with aged assets, you have to stay focused, you have to stick to the plan, you have to make sure that all your resources are lined out, then you have to continually monitor and analyze performance data," says Don Henry.

The plant is running a risk and resiliency analysis, but what they already know, is that the new plant will be necessary.

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