KAKE NEWS INVESTIGATES: Fight over a fence

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Omer Finney has a fence smack-dab down the middle of his driveway, dividing it in two and making it unusable.

He didn’t put it here.

“It’s approximately 100 feet from the garage to the curb there,” he said. “These holes that go down into the concrete… then he sealed them with a product to make it stable. And you can see it went through taking part of the garage.”

Finney said he’s been in property management for decades and has never seen anything like it. He bought the home from the previous owner in August. By Labor Day, the tenant of the house called because she couldn’t get back to the carport because of the fence.

“I was hoping to talk to the previous owner and work out some kind of resolve,” he said. “But apparently he has a whole different attitude about the whole thing.”

That previous owner was Paul Sullivan. He admitted to KAKE News that he put the fence up but insisted half of that driveway was his. He sent paperwork backing up his claim, though much of it was dated before the sale.

Sullivan wouldn’t answer phone calls, only text messages and wouldn’t agree to an on-camera interview.

Finney is left confused.

“Even the legal department got involved. I had the meeting with them, everyone came to the same conclusion that we legally own the property,” Finney said.

Sedgwick County’s deputy county clerk said she gets the confusion.

“If I had a fence going down the middle of my driveway, I’d be pretty concerned,” said Karen Bailey. “I think there’s a misunderstanding on the part of the seller. He thinks he owns part of the property. But he doesn’t. He transferred ownership of lots 41 and 43 and that includes both of these lots the house lies on. Including the driveway.”

As to that paperwork, including the property card Sullivan sent KAKE News – she said it’s outdated.

“The card’s dated January 1, 2019. Which would’ve been before the deed. So, at that time, sure he had the property line then.”

But the fence is still there. Finney fears his options are limited and plans to go to court over it.

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