Government class focuses on impeachment inquiry

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Most of the students in a Wichita State government class only knew impeachment through history books until this week.

“I believe it was before I was alive,” said Justin Gordon, referring to the Clinton impeachment hearings in the late 1990s. “Up until this whole Ukraine thing came out, I was fairly certain they weren’t going to do anything.”

Now those students are living through an inquiry on impeachment. Their class lecture Thursday was about procedures now underway. The topics strayed from politics or judgment – either on the President or members of Congress.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone even close to impeaching a president,” said Maggie Spurlock. “These past three days, just saying the word impeach without kind of explaining it and preface those words with action, it’s scary to a lot of people.”

While she thinks it’s scary – many think it’s interesting. When the inquiry was first announced Tuesday afternoon, Merriam Webster said that the word “impeach” soared in searches by 3,600 percent.

Educators say the issue is a teaching moment.

“I try to focus on the rules of the process and the facts as we know them and I really try to take advantage of the things the students know” said Dr. Neal Allen at Wichita State University. “They often have been reading as much as I have in the last hours or few days.”

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