Residents in Pratt receiving calls from scam roofing companies

PRATT, Kan. (KAKE) -

City officials in Pratt are issuing warnings Thursday after residents have reported receiving calls from scam roofing companies after recent storms.

Dozens of roofs in Pratt have dents and worn out shingles after a storm Tuesday night went over the town. Linda Parker is one resident in town whose roof wasn't damaged, but when she lived in Fort Worth a roofing company came straight to her door.

"He looked the type," Parker said referencing the man that came to her door. "He was going to do my work and he looked trustworthy and everything."

According to Parker, the man promised to talk to her insurance company and get her the best deal possible, but she got scammed.

"I don't trust strangers to negotiate with my insurance company anymore," she said.

City officials say the con artists are calling people in Pratt, not approaching their doorsteps, offering to do repair work.

"That's not acceptable, that's never acceptable," said Brad Blankenship, the building inspector for the city of Pratt. "If they're out of state, or even in state, and they're wanting to give you a bid over the phone and they've never seen your house, you don't talk to them, hang up the phone."

Blankenship has issued the warnings to the city. He offered a resource for people to see what companies are and are not licensed to do repair work on roofs at the state attorney generals website on

"We're just trying to protect the people who need to be protected," Blankenship said.

Linda Parker said she heeds those warnings now, just as she has done her for years after her roof was not redone right.

"This little crew that just blotched the whole job," she said.

After the job was done, she said the man that came to her door never talked to her insurance company, never paid the roofers that came out and disappeared.

"Call your insurance company directly and deal with your insurance company directly," Parker said.

According to Blankenship, it's not all roofing companies that do this. However, he is still always on the lookout for those that cheat the system.

"Few of them are the one's that break the law," he said. "That's why we have to make rules and regulations."

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