Missouri high school football player with special needs scores 80-yard touchdown

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The Friday night lights were shining bright for one high school senior with special needs last week.

PJ Allred plays for the Smith-Cotton Tigers, and he also has cerebral palsy. KMIZ reports the coach put him in as quarterback at the end of a game where Hickman High School was up 40-0.

As the last few seconds of the game ticked away, Allred ran the ball 80 yards in for a touchdown.

That gave the team six points to prevent a shutout, but the opposing team's coach says the moment transcends winning and losing.

"To see the entire sideline run and sprint, even our cheerleaders, at that moment as a coach it's like, 'Wow!' This is really bigger than this moment exactly, seeing all the different people that are impacted, the smiles, Smith-Cotton fans, their cheerleaders, all of their players excited," coach Cedric Alvis said. "The actual win was meaningless at that point. The fact that pj got that moment and that everyone can celebrate, that was the most important thing."

The touchdown marks the first time Allred has been on the field during a game.

Video of the touchdown has received national attention and been featured on ESPN.