Cloud 9 Therapeutic Equine saved after rezoning scare

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Cloud 9 is a special place.

"This was born out of necessity. Jamie had gotten hurt, had double spinal fusion in her back, and we used a horse as a means of recuperation and therapy for her," says Jason Wohlgemuth.

Out of their own healing, Jason and Jamie Wohlgemuth felt led to help others.

Since opening their gates in 2013, this therapy has saved lives, including Pat Brown's, who served in the Air Force.

Not only wanted to harm myself, I wanted to harm others. I don't do that today," says Brown.

The horses tap into a level of healing no human can.

"These animals can feel what I'm feeling. Know what I'm not feeling. Nudge me to do what I need to do. Teach me patience. Teach me to love again," says Brown.

It's a place where pain fades away with every hoof stomping into the ground.

"I can be having the worst day in the world, and come here, and know when I leave my life is that much better," says Kerensa Bennett.

But the healing could be coming to a halt.

Sumner County is now telling the family the land their non profit operates on isn't zoned properly. 

"It is of the utmost importance that we get this taken care of, because if we can't at that point we can no longer provide the services to our special needs community or our veterans," says Wohlgemuth.

If the zoning change is denied, they'll have to shut down immediately.

The people who come here say it's like coming home. They can't imagine their life without it.

"It would shatter me. And they have helped not just me, I've watched them help so many people," says Bennett.

Wednesday night the family met with the planning and zoning board, who did go ahead with a recommendation to the county commission. The final vote will be made on October 25th.

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