Improvements for drivers at Kellogg and Webb

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East Kellogg construction hit a milestone today with the opening of its permanent northbound lanes at Webb Road.

"We're getting closer, especially on the Webb Road interchange, but this was the next big milestone. So, we were glad to get that done today," said Gary Janzen, city engineer for the City of Wichita.

The bridge work at Kellogg and Webb is completed. The completion allowed for the northbound lanes of Webb Road to officially open.

"We're super excited about that because now customers can see that, 'Hey, I have an option to get into the parking lot,'" said Anita Tilton, wood department manager at Floor & Decor.

The improvements are welcomed by employees and customers of businesses by Kellogg and Webb.

But, left turns at the intersection are still not allowed. Left turns are expected to be allowed in mid-December.

"We think we can get traffic on the freeway for the entire length of the project, which is going to be a really big deal and a lot further ahead of time than we had ever planned," said Janzen.

Once construction is completed, traffic will flow on the freeway from Rock Road to K-96. That is expected by the end of the year.

Decorative pieces, including landscaping, are being installed at the intersections of Kellogg and Webb and Kellogg and Greenwich to improve aesthetics as well as safety in the area.

The entire project is expected to be completed in 2021.

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