Derby man on flag confiscation: fueling fire on social media is dangerous

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DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) -

Derby resident, Evan Shaheen, is still surprised by the way the community is responding after the school confiscated a Trump 2020 flag from a student at Friday's high school football game.

"We all know that Derby is a huge football town, and there was a potential for a big disaster," he says.

It all started when a man posted a picture on facebook, saying he was walking back to the concession stand when he saw a woman holding the flag that he earlier saw a student holding.

Like many, Shaheen saw comment after comment come in on facebook. Monday night, he addressed his concerns at the school board meeting. 

"Social media is  double edged sword. It's a handy tool to get your opinion out, and it's a handy tool to tear people down," he says. 

Shaheen says regardless of what happened, fueling the fire on social media before knowing all the facts is dangerous. 

Derby schools issued a statement saying, "Friday, September 20th was Military Night at the Derby vs Newton football game. During this event a student who attended the game was asked to return a flag in their possession to their car.  District Administration and Derby High School Administration have investigated the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident. There was a misunderstanding about how to handle any flags that may have been brought into the event that evening. Derby Public Schools supports our students’ rights in this incident and the request to remove the flag was done in error.  We apologize for the situation that occurred last night and regret that this incident may have detracted from Military Night and the celebration it is meant to be for our members of the military."

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