Sneezing? It's going to get worse

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Today is the first official day of Fall and with the changing weather, comes allergy flare ups.

We spoke to a local allergist who says they've been busy and are booked out for months.

The two most dominant allergens this season in Kansas are mold spores and weed pollen.

Dr. Morice Van Strickland says allergies are inevitable this time of year, but there are a couple things you can do to prevent flare ups, such as showering at night and not sleeping with your windows open.

"This is the crescendo allergy season. In the fall you have the weeds and then if you have moisture you get mold. So really there's a couple thousand mold spores in the air for every one pollen spore," says Dr. Strickland.

Strickland says this is just the start of peak season for allergies, and they should calm down once we get our first frost.

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